I blog therefore, am I?

What used to be called journalling …back when people older than 17 used to do such things..is now called blogging. You can record your each and every pitiful random thought for posterity. Once the Internet is fed something, like the labrea tar pits, everything goes in and eventually it will bubble back up to the top.

You can blog from your cell phone, from your pda, You can blog with video feed or audio clips or merely text from anywhere ON the planet. And funnilly enough blogs and websites are no longer indistinguishable from each other. A pundit, famous or not is no one without a blog. Static websites are blogging merely to stay current. Every child tall enough to reach a keyboard can have space on myspace.

Why blog…more to the point why not blog?
I mean it’s not like I am doing this to entertain the 4 or 5 losers who think what I have to say is important. Even I don’t think what I have to say is important. I am merely using this is a fuel injector to prime me for the 900 things I SHOULD be writing. Personally I want to know where it all goes. I don’t carry advertising on this thing..but I can upload images, sound text etc. For who’s benefit? It can’t ALL be for the ease of Big Brother. So if everyone has a blog, who is reading them? If a blog falls in the forest and no one reads it does it exist?

Unfortunately with age has not come wisdom but resignation. I am still pissed at the things that used to piss me off: stupidity, conservatives, ignorance, religious zealotry of all stripes – but now I know that my fierce and burning hatred will no longer FIX these things. I’m afraid I no longer rage against the machine as I used to. Have I sold out? doubtful. I still believe what I believe, I just don’t proselytize anymore.

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