i can see for piles and piles. . .

I spent the morning trying to get all the books in piles back onto the shelves. Unfortunately like all of us….I have X amount of shelf space and X+Y number of books. So, no matter how many times I rearrange things, my cell still looks like a book sale vomited all over it. I probably wouldn’t have this problem if I didn’t keep buying books I can’t finish reading. The shelf most in need of an annex contains among other things:

John Baxter – Pound of Paper: Confessions of a Book Addict.
Anthony Marshall – Trafficking in Old Books
Ralph Casperson – Biblio: The Intimate Confessions of a Used-Book Dealer
Clive LInklater – Reflection from a Bookshop Window
Jack Matthews – Reading Matter: A Rabid Bibliophile’s Adventures Among Old and Rare Books.
John D. Riley – Else Fine…Little Tales of Horror from Libraries & Bookshops
Shaun Tyas ed.- Book Worm Droppings
Shaun Tyas ed.- More Book Worm Droppings [pg 19:”How do you make a living out of this lot of old rubbish?”]

and that’s just the front of half one shelf . . . I suppose I should just pile them back up on the bedside table, but then THAT would be a problem as the bedside table has back issues of Rare Book Review, Fine Books and Collections and Firsts.

OP-ED NPR’s Bill Marx has an essay called “Salute to Bad Manners; In these days of neutered arts criticism, voicing an irreverent opinion has become a firing offense.” Which I can seriously identify with after a local arts group Goggled me and decided I wasn’t ‘nice’ enough to do volunteer graphic work for them.

game show – the guest star on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell me this week is 73 time Jeopardy winner
Ken Jennings. warning don’t be drinking anything when you listen to this.


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