I don't have a solution, but I do admire the problem.

What did we do for fun before the internet? Yup, I’m drawing a blank too. Yes, I’m better thanks for asking. Funny eBay listing of the day – Mobby Dick signature card Yeah well it is not as funny-ha-ha as it is funny-strange-ly-criminal and it’s not even a GOOD fake.

My other favorite-scary thing of the day is another Intelligent Design sighting in California apparently this class is being taught in a public school by a minister’s non-education-professional wife. I am beginning to think this is some strange usage of the word ‘Intelligent’ that I was not previously aware of.

If the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that time flows forward cause the universe is expanding…and according to the news it’s expanding faster than we thought. ..then why are we having all these freaking arcane 20th century arguments over again? I thought we had been there and DONE THAT already. Why do gays have to be the disinfranchised second class citizens because of whom they want to marry…I’ve seen some hetero couples I would like to keep from marrying….usually they are guest stars on COPS. How come a place like Georgia with over 2 MILLION African Americans want to take the right to vote away from themselves? a Poll Tax disguised as a state ID program? what kind of jim crow bullshit is THAT? AND WHY OH WHY are we suddenly poking our heads into other people’s WOMBS? when did we vote ourselves the right do we have to do THAT? and what the hell is with all this ‘we can’t understand it…it must be a sign that GOD DONE IT’ shite in the classrooms? As bad as my publik edumacation WAS, I like to think that NONE of my chain smoking, sports page reading, ‘professional’ couldn’t get a real job cause I like my summers free teachers would have allowed THAT kind of thinking to go over in a New England classroom. Perhaps it’s got to do with latitude? have we explored that theory? is the entire Bible Belt thing somehow restricting blood flow? or is there more of centrifugal force delivered to those further from the center of the earth? There must be a reason for the insanity that occurs when mass hysteria runs amuk thru places like Texas and Missouri. YUP…I feel MUCH BETTER TODAY.

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