i give up

so i am looking up a product online and end up at the Office Max website…..they have it online…and i say to myself…”well they are only 20 minutes away…lets drive to the store and pick up what they have there and then i can restock online if i need to”.

wrong, wrong, wrong  (Forehead Smack) ….funny as much as i love the internet…and i tend to think of it first when it comes to well…anything, not just shopping, i Actually WANT to patronize local stores.

I had already kinda accepted that if i want something obscure or hard to find, it is so much easier to order it and forget about it. But every time i make a point of GOING to a local store i become sadly disappointed. Not only did Office Max not have the item i wanted, there was damn little else of interest, hell there weren’t even many people shopping…i bought a few of the magazine racks instead…what can i say? i am on an organizing kick this summer…and I am very pissed off about spending the gas money to go 20 minutes to a store – seriously i can’t even figure out why Office Max still exists – not that Staples is much better in the anti-disappointment realm. Staples closed the larger less cluttered store near my house and squished everything into the one 10 minutes away…even then, most of the things i want aren’t there. they all want you to order it and pick it up..no one wants to keep inventory on hand. I can’t complain…neither do it…but it’s just too big a pain in the ass to pick up something as simple as rolls of packing tape everytime i need some.  I am really starting to understand the appeal of Amazon Prime – free shipping is already available if you buy more than $25 anyway., and if i had the $$ for the Prime account I’d get it and never consider a 20 minute drive for 10 dollars worth of magazine racks again.  sorry, still grinding my teeth about this one.

New Rule…no more special trips to buy anything i can get online…Gas is too expensive.

didn’t i just say this?

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Is it cheaper to pay shipping for purchases than to drive to the store? The answer may surprise you
Published: Tuesday, August 16, 2011, 10:30 AM

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