i have a little list

WE love making lists, and the powers that be that run the internet KNOW we love making lists. I haven’t played with Amazon’s listmania in quite a while. but i was trying to avoid some work so i whipped up a quick list with comments on all my favorite items, including 2 i haven’t bought yet. Yeah yeah i know i can hear the little voice in my head nagging me about buying more crap when i am trying to get RID of crap. I said HADN’T bought yet! okay? i have had the pizza stone on my wish list for 3 years now. I may buy it I may not, but i like knowing that its on a list in case i do. Speaking of that…odd thing, every time i think about culling down my collection of tools for small batch cooking I find that fewer and fewer of them are still available. Ferinstance, i have 4 or 6 Anodized oval bakers which are basically gratin pans with straight sides..and the damn things are going for 25-30 bucks new EACH! I won’t be getting rid of those anytime soon. Same thing goes for some delightful covered casseroles i bought from Amazon some years back, they disappeared quickly and i have never seen anything like them. So basically my rationalization for keeping more stuff than i need is rather strong. I don’t know what’s going to happen to all this crap when i die, though. Perhaps before then i will gift it to a foodie who appreciates them.

Simple Cooking for One Person.


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