i have always wanted a tiny house

The Concord plan has a porch, board-and-batten siding, a cathedral ceiling, stainless steel counter, refrigerator, and sink, a toilet retractile vanity and table, a cast-iron stove, a six gallon water heater, vented loft for two, a desk, more than 230 cubic feet of storage, a little daybed, a four burner range, and a tub.

In the Mulfinger plan the large kitchen has been shrunk to make space for a full-sized sleeping nook downstairs. With the nook, frequent trips to the loft become unnecessary.

Two other floor plans (not pictured here) incorporate a desk where the booth is.

One Response to i have always wanted a tiny house

  1. bookgato July 3, 2006 at 11:20 am #

    j, thanks for posting this link. These are the coolest houses. A l-o-n-g time ago I met a young man who had build something similar to the gypsy wagon on the back of his pickup. It was beautiful and his craftsmanship was incredible.

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