i knit therefore i am

What did YOU do in the most recent blizzard? I managed to knit a pair of handwarmers. I have done plenty of socks which are more complicated but I only recently learned how to do thumbs. These are still wonky, but if they are like socks, but the time I do number 5 and and 6 they will be a lot better. (yes they LOOK fine, but the place where the thumb joins the hand, is untidy)

On Day Number THREE I had already fallen off this year’s frugality wagon when I stopped at the Local Yarn Store and ended up walking out with a couple of skeins of grey baby alpaca. I was going to start on another pair of socks as I had another two skeins in the wings. I am fixated on this red sock yarn which I have to buy everytime, but I like the way they feel and look. Each pair costs me about $20 in yarn. If I were to BUY a similar pair it would be about $20+. So there’s not much savings there. But these actually fit properly and are better than I can buy.

I need to start using up more of the yarn I already have, I am just not a creative knitter. I’m a subsistence knitter, I just create usable things. I know I can never create things that are as beautiful or complicated as the ones I can buy. I am very happy with the sweaters that I own and right now I don’t feel the urge to waste a lot of yarn trying to make one.  But if I can turn out a few plain scarves, shawls, handwarmers and socks, then I will never need to buy those things.  After I master handwarmers, I am going to do some hats, that should keep me busy. The first thing I will need to do is repair the one I bought that my dog found pretty tasty.

I will say this, I am getting pretty speedy, the handwarmers only took me one knitting day each. A knitting day is one where its snowing too much for me to bother doing anything else

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