i made a little list

beautifuldaytoday is one of my favorite type of days…. i haven’t got anything scheduled..they didn’t even call me to substitute…and no one knows i am home.  My to do list starts with shipping customer orders and running laundry, followed closely by cleaning litter boxes and washing a floor or two.

Yesterday was one of the most stressful i have had in ages.   Once again it took two hours to get to the training for the census job, great thing about them though is that they pay for drive time and mileage.  It ain’t much, but it’s something.  I got home last night so frustrated and sick to death of well everything and anything.  So i spent a couple of hours of angry cleaning last night.  Cleaned and washed every surface of my office, put every loose piece of paper and book on a shelf or in the trash.   Angry Cleaning allows one to take their frustration out in a productive way – and also cuts the time you spend deciding whether to throw something away or not…it’s nearly always yes.

My brain wouldn’t let me sit down and start working on things until the surrounding surfaces were clear.   If my brain was clear, the surroundings wouldn’t matter, but since i had a big bloody mess going on inside my skull, the best I could do was clean the desk off.   and the floor and the shelves all the other places i tend to store things.   I dream at night about a bigger office with decent shelving…these days the best I can do is buy those beautiful really useful boxes and put crap in them to protect it from other crap.

More boxes are on my TO BUY WHEN I GET PAID LIST, i am not due for a check from the census job for two weeks.  But it should be a substantial one since it will have all that shitty commuting time in it.  Aside from the boxes, I have added a new Computer monitor and keyboard to must replace while i have money list.   Essentially when i have money, i try to replace the substantive items that I need to get me through until the next time i have money.

First thing I have to replace is a freaking tire…you remember the freaking flat tire…well the temp tire has knocked my steering out of alignment by about 20%…that’s another $75 at least…and at some point I broke my sunglasses…another $35.   After I making a passing attempt at paying a utility bill I may have enough left to buy something off the list.  It will probably be the shades.   I also added two boat oars to my list…the ones i have are dangerously cracked…to the point that i suspect they won’t last another outing.

If i strung my want list together I would easily consume my income dollar for dollar.   I don’t know how that happens, it’s practically magic.

Next on my agenda for today is to push through at least another book for publication…i have been falling behind at that in favor of pandering to paychecks.  I need to keep reminding myself that those paychecks are temporary..and if i want security i need to set up my own lines of income.


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