i miss my minions

don’t know if i mentioned that before….. back when the internet was a green and prosperous land hungry for books and booksellers who sold them, i had minions…well… friends pressed into service for my own greater good. Sometimes i would feed them or throw them a bone, like health insurance, but mostly they just did the tedious things that generally i screw up. ah dems were the days. today I got 3 bounce backs or whatever you want to call them…one order i shipped to the wrong address, one i shorted an item and one i shipped the wrong item. i miss minions to blame things on, mostly i just tell people i smoke crack at the office, that seems to placate them.

speaking of crack, i came down off my creative high…i don’t know what to blame that on, must have been a bad case of red bull….2 days running in top gear yielded 12 stuffed cats (no no cloth ones dummy) a new design and prototype for a cloth book cover i may market, an entirely redesigned packing area and a relatively clean refrigerator (or maybe that’s just empty)- if it wasn’t for the actual work product one would have sworn i was on illicit drugs instead of nice over the counter ones.

oh yeah the mail man brought me a copy of the bookaholic’s guide to book blogs, the bullpen is supposed to be mentioned in there, it is listed on a list under ‘alter egos and inflated egos’ and try as i might i couldn’t find mention of this blog actually in the book, but not to worry my ego will survive. what i can’t figure out is the purpose of the book, it’s all opinion and a few excerpts it’s rather useless as a reference of any sort there isn’t even a proper index or table of contents. not that i was expect a ‘review’ of any type, as it wouldn’t be good. I have virtually stopped posting what everyone else’s biblio blog is posting. and I can’t even approach Jeremy’s Philobiblos for book news reporting . . . .so basically i have slid into boreblogging. Sorry but i, like a shitload of other booksellers, work at home have very little interaction with other humans, customer, bookseller, serials killers. I write about what I know and what i think and sometimes what i think i know, i think. you know?

getting back to work work and the druggery of surfing the internet for no reason whatsoever, I found this little news item on BoingBoing which on the surface seems unrelated to bookselling in every way:
– cool huh? are you thinking what i’m thinking? and considering all my baby dolls have gone to that doll hospital in the sky, it isn’t hard to see the application. what if we tried it on INK ON A GLOSSY BOOK COVER? catching on? apparently it’s the Benzoyl Peroxide which is obviously a bleaching agent, so perhaps it will have a positive affect.

I intend to try some experiments as soon as i get plowed out again. I’m looking at another 4 inches of snow on top of the other what? 18? so far. don’t get me wrong i like snow…i like the look of it, and the way it covers up all the yard projects i didn’t do, the way you can get out of all sorts of obligations by just blaming it. but i like it in moderation: snow, melt, snow, melt. get it? not piled up in great big unshovelable mountains. some people look at the snow banks and see snow forts, i look at the snow banks topping the garage door and see a swimming pool erupting in my basement in March.
oh joy.
i miss my minions.

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