I moved here on purpose.

2015-02-04 13.53.54 I’m running out of places to put the fucking snow. Now when I shovel I am basically hurling it at least 6 or 7 feet into the air and as far as I can. And just when I think I am making headway, I come home to find the city plow has gifted me with another 30 cubic feet or so at the end of the driveway. Basically I am using the 4WD to get out of my driveway..and my neighborhood and then coming back in the midafternoon to spend an over an hour at a time shoveling. I’m the only person on my block doing this manually, everyone else has a blower, cept for the old women who have services. I don’t actually MIND the shoveling, I MIND the fact that it’s just piling up. Back in Mass the snow had the decency to melt down inbetween blizzards, here, THIS year, no sooner do you carve out your little paths, than you get another layer of white stuff down on your neck. And seeing as how it’s MAINE, it’s even considered GAUCHE to complain about the shit. There are entire infrastructures depending on having a decent amount of snow on the ground… not just recreational venues, but people here have cross country skis, snowshoes, skimobiles etc etc…. JUST because there will be snow, and would be sorely put out if there were none or even inconsistent layering. personally I have had ENOUGH to last me quite a while.

I have absolutely decided that the front porch needs roofing…it is just not acceptable, that to walk out of my front door, I have to spend 30 minutes shoveling every morning. If I hadn’t put a back door on the place, I would be so so fucked by now. The pitch of the roof and the angle house causes the monstrous snow drifts ON the porch itself. I have windows where the bottom half are beneath the snow level…. and if i shoveled it? WHERE WOULD I PUT IT? The yard is 4 feet deep… I am definitely getting those snow shoes ‘just in case’ – and eventually the back porch will be insulated and i can add a woodstove…’just in case’. And of course the basement has to be insulated, that’s just a frigging snow cave down there… if there were any water, there would be icicles. Like i said, I’ve had enough….and yes…I MOVED HERE ON PURPOSE. I knew winter would be bad..it’s MAINE. But there’s lots of things I still need to do to bring the little crooked house up to snuff…. I can’t imagine how the woman who lived he before dealt with the porch fiasco, she didn’t even HAVE a backdoor back then.

2015-02-03 14.57.52I tried to write a blog post twice this week… it was mostly whining about Frugal February and how the universe was stabbing me in the back, the lovely white pitcher replacement arrived broken, as did the used Reciprocating Saw, both items have been returned and refunded. So even when I insist on spending money, the universe tries its best to keep me in check.  I did manage to get a used saw off craigslist, surprisingly at an even cheaper price and it came with a battery and power drill, so that worked out.  Alas replacement pitchers will always be out there if I want one…right now I am trying to be a good girl. Aside from a few furtive trysts with Starbuck bottled drinks and a bag of chips, the only rationalized expenditures have been the tools, the ski gloves, a filter for the pet fountain, and a $10 donation to a goat rescue.   The bank account is a little fluffier than normal, however I haven’t paid bills yet, when that happens it will flatline as normal.  The hope is that I can embrace this new frugality. Lucky for me, that the entire world is layered in 4 foot of white stuff.  I have no inclination to go anywhere and buy anything.



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