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I have an appointment to interview the oldest local historian..who is in a nursing home. now when i first met this guy 40 years ago he was unintelligible at best…now he’s 40 years older on oxygen in a nursing home…i do have a translator coming but just in case i had amazon overnighted a condenser microphone for the iphone – ($28 including $4 shipping) I have tested it, it seems to work well enough for this task. i am wondering what the limit is on recorded file length – to be safe i guess i should do it in pieces.

The mic is the little thing on the left..i rooted around in my iphone attachments…the angle adapter came with another device and the little black easel came with the blue tooth keyboard i don’t use…and the little hardshell case was originally bought for ear bud storage..but it sucked for that purpose so i pulled the plastic insert out – now it’s basically an empty ring case with a zipper…just perfect for the mic and adapter.  —- when i took the mic (it is smaller without the foam) out of the little box..i was immediately reminded of  losing the tiny black iflash attachment i bought last year and immediately lost walking from one room to the other.  so the mic got put in the case immediately.

It was reasonably reviewed though i did want something better, even something with an extension cord and alligator clip.  but this will do for a simple interview.  I practiced with some rambling monologues which i immediately deleted. no fear of a podcast anytime soon!

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