I said no to drugs, but they just wouldn't listen.

SUCK DAY – spent several days without a voice, now my nose has turned against me. Do you know what happens when you mix Red Bull with Nyquil? neither do I, but I… ran out of tissues, lozenges and antihistamines – so I’m gonna find out. The news cycle is full of all the ’06 dreads..Abramoff testimony, whistleblower withhunts, NSA datamining, Alito’s smoking memos, the countries tragically sharp lean towards the right…..makes one want to go to bed and pull the covers over one’s head. Which would probably be a lot easier, if I didn’t have to share my bed with 3 cats and a dog. No wonder my sex life is non-existent.

I can’t even keep my eyes open to read all the lovely books I bought with chrismas money, so. i Watched the entire Kolchak – The Night Stalker (1974): series on dvd, and am now going to seque into Farscape complete series…that ough to keep me in bed for a while.

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