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One of the biggest worries that i have is about security in the new place.  Not while i am actually IN the building,  but when i am not there.   I expect the moving to take a while and certainly installing all that crap on the roof will take a while,  even once i have moved in, it seems to me that attaching lots of shiny bits and bobs all around a house is a lot like waving a flag to say there’s more inside! come and see!   i haven’t had that problem before, especially when you can peep in my windows and see i don’t own anything worth stealing.

banner4 I had an idea to set up webcams around the house, not just to watch the cats sleep  but to peek at my house when i am not there,   it isn’t all that costly, but once i started poking around the internet I found the ISMART ALARM, package which came out this year.   I have been reading reviews but so far no one has said anything bad about it.  What it has going for it, is the price.  The premium package that includes a 360 degree webcam is less than $200.  Which puts it in my price range, it comes with a couple of the window/door sensors and a motion detector… a main device which communicates with my WIFI and sends me a message on my iphone AND the webcam lets me check out the situation.  It also has an alarm and I can add more window sensors.   I think in the future they are working towards adding more cameras, so the system can grow.

On the surface it looks like a cheap quick and clean  set up that i can install in an afternoon while I am traveling back and forth to the new house.   Whenever I get a new house.   It’s funny i am not worried about anything i presently OWN getting stolen, cept for maybe my computer.  Once I move I still won’t have anything worth stealing beyond the computer,  EXCEPT for the Solar PV electric system. I think i just don’t want people to THINK that there’s something worth stealing.



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