i smell fire

One of my friends… acquaintances…facebook contacts…people i only know through the internet…sent me a very expensive gift….expensive in my terms..perhaps not for most people..but nevertheless…i have a Kindle Fire in my hands…you should have seen me on election night..i had the iphone playing NPR and the laptop refreshing HuffPo results and scrolling through facebook on the Kindle…if i had cable tv i’d have had that on too..but i don’t i was watching Mythbusters reruns on the Roku box. Believe me I realize how unnecessary it is to give me another device so that i can waste more of my day.

did  you know that devices no longer come with manuals?  i mean it DOES make sense..but i have yet to find a manual to tell me which end of this thing is up..so i am happily loading free and .99 apps onto it, similar to what i have on my phone..but NOW i need to find the best USE for the freaking thing.  its an Andriod and the phone is IOS  so they aren’t compatible..i need to find a USE for this thing because essentially it is designed to cause you to BUY as much stuff digitally as they can get away with.  i don’t have that kind of income.  the most i have spent on a digital book is 1.99..if it costs more than that, i will buy the paper version.  i consider 1.99 as a rental charge.

Sure enough …the APP that i need to work with Office files..docs, spreadsheets and the like is 14.99….now that’s about 7 time more than i have spent for any app EVER. – so i will be putting it off until the last possible minute..as it is I am getting a little productivity done using EVERNOTE which is very accessible on this device – you can edit, but not with all the aplomb of a PC. So basically i am bouncing back and forth between apps, trying to find one that i feel i can work with. I can hear the little voice in my head saying..you are trying to use this device for what it ISN’T designed for….yes i KNOW…cause i am not in any way shape of form going to subscribe to newspapers and magazines…if i am not reading them now…i won’t be reading them on this device..they just won’t accumulate in a pile next to the front door..

meanwhile i still have the laptop even though i think the video card is coughing up blood…youtube videos get wonky after a while..and it won’t play a dvd to save its life. ….i know…these are the things i play with when i am trying to pretend i am working when i am not getting any work done.  so as i said…another distraction device i didn’t need….but it was an incredibly generous gift from someone with a big heart..and i am going to use the thing or die trying.  right now i am fiddling with all my research for the book i am supposed to be writing this month.

If anything the Kindle Fire will inspire me to finish writing the book to make it available on the Kindle Fire…and the snake eats its tail.








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