i started a thing….

I posted what i had found and someone sent me a link to still ANOTHER service that will create a postcard from your photo and mail it to anyone anywhere.  Touchnote.com,  the unique thing about this app, is its interface..it has both smartphone apps, as well as an online portal, (and i guess they are expanding it to  facebook and picasa linkage) and the price is 1.49 but the product looks nicer than the Postagram product.

I ordered the obligatory test card;  i’m gonna have to clear off the fridge door to make room for these. I liked the ease of use and i strangely liked the limited ‘variety’ of options…you can upload your image and then dress it up with balloons and captions, and format the fonts. but you don’t get caught up in making a bunch of decisions when you objective was just to send a card and make someone’s day.  THIS may be the much better option to keep contact with adopters, a buck and a half isn’t a big deal, and you could send it quickly from a phone on computer as long as you had the image of the pet in hand.

Yeah i suppose you could send pictures of actual PEOPLE or heaven forfend CHILDREN! but you get the picture.

If you actually HAVE an app that i haven’t mentioned you can send it along, but don’t get bent out of shape that i didn’t visit your website…..it’s no great shakes, cause really no one reads this blog, i promise.

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