i think therefore i phone

I love this stupid recharger accessory..i have used it perhaps 8 times…but just having it has really helped me a lot. i don’t worry anymore about having my phone run down while out and about, JUST when someone asks me do look something up. it just rattles around in the ditty bag with the other iphone attachments..the credit card swipe attachment, the little light thingy that illuminates documents so i can scan them..a flash drive and a cable..and even the blue tooth keyboard which i have still never used…but just having that battery recharger has helped me a lot.

I have been using the iphone a bit lately..now that i really can’t justify such an expensive accessory..i listed a couple of items on craigslist using the app designed just for that…i have been using it to collect reference material at the library..and I am still setting up an inventory control program that keeps track of how many books i have out there in the world – hopefully selling.

I am looking forward to digging myself out of the hole..once i have a stock of books in house to actually SELL, i am going to drag them out to the 1st event I can schedule. I have the credit card swipe from Squareup.com and it’s itching to get used.


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