i tiki, you tiki

tiki (1)Sorry i wigged out so abruptly…i really HAVE been busy I swear.   I just finished editing a friends magazine article and i have  a review to write of a new comedy club in town.  no, neither are paying jobs, but my buddy and I are working on a proposal for her editor that MAY net me an online content editor’s job  so cross your fingers and your friends fingers and anything else laying around.

And last week i WAS wicked sick, what started as a chest cold quickly became bronchitis and while i was laying in bed highly doped to the gills the only thing I felt like doing online was shopping.  An aloha shirt and a tiki mug came in the mail and i have no actually memory of buying them.  So tonight I made my first zombie….i don’t really think i used enough ice and definitely not enough types of rum. BTW  i whole heartily recommend come midwinter february bluesdays…..everyone get your tiki on. It’s silly and loud and fake as a Kardashian implant, but it’s fucking february and everything in new england is gray….the sky is gray, and everything you can see including the cars and snow banks is covered with a crust of salted sand. PUT ON A LOUD SHIRT AND FILL A TALL GLASS WITH FIREWATER AND FRUIT DAMN YOU.

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