i used to be funny

baever One of the ‘jobs’ i have been doing lately is cleaning up the IOBA.org/Standard newsletter that the Independent Online Booksellers Association has been producing off and on for the last 10 years. I had forgotten that there were a few of my pieces buried in there.. i used to be funnier. I was always angry but i used to be funny with it..now i am much more depressed and resigned to my fate as a fuckup. In the last few months i have done nothing much but work and try to get more work. nothing even more creative than the odd book cover. But i used to write more for fun…kinda like what this is supposed to be…but alas this is just a sanity check these days.

but i used to take a topic and tear into it like a steak…now i chew the same topics over and over like a cow with cud. but then the topics are very introvered naval lint topics. ho hum.

They call me to sub two or three times a week and if i don’t blow it off, like i did this morning..i accidentally didn’t hear the phone..oops..my bad..but then i needed to get more work done..which i didn’t do yesterday…i spent yesterday..working on IOBA standard articles…and i think i will do the same thing tonight… it’s work i can invoice per hour for..and i REALLY need the cash. I got served by one of the utility companies..i’m assuming the gas company since i owe them the most. the harder i work the behinder i get as they say.

Today i sent an email to my brother whom i don’t really speak to..in order to get the name of one of his kids to put on my createspace account..i found out that if i put another name in my file, it would be easier to change the name on my account once i am dead…yeah that’s where my brain goes sometimes.

I did get a call from the US Census who is thinking of hiring me again..nights and weekends..oh joy…combine that with the day time subtitutions and i will be dead in a year. i’m pricing out RedBull cases delivered. who needs sleep?

I found the beaver a month ago in antique shop…i ignored him but i had to go back and rescue him…$12…yeah..i know i didn’t NEED a beaver…but look at that little face…..he’s gonna be the last decorative thing i buy ….period. good thing he’s cute.

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