i'd buy that for a dollar

robbed peter to pay paul today..no one’s buying nothing..i have all the publications online and sold none of them. Combined bank acct balance of $62. So i hit up my one animal rescue donation can which i save for emergencies..and checked the couch cushions and came up with $87 more.. …$15 for cat litter at the grain store… 20 tall cans of friskies & 5 cans of dog food at walmart $29, 5 packages of marked down ground turkey and chicken thighs for myself, a large bag of cat chow, $26 at grocery store…$10 worth of gas…depicted..no shit..it was on E..and now its back near E again….so if i count what i have left..it should be $17…no stike that…less than $15..i bought a gatorade and drank it in one go after i did a dump run with all the crap off the rail trail.

I read this blog post the other day… and all I can say…is that only people who don’t HAVE to shop at a dollar store can even afford to ask that question. Here’s another useful blog post Regardless of the conclusions of either article if you are shopping at dollar stores not because you want to….then it doesn’t really matter what the cost per ounce is on a box of Tide. you can’t afford to spend your entire $10 on a freaking Tide..which actually goes for a lot more than that. If you take your ten dollars to a dollar store you can buy TEN separate items which will solve ten immediate problems. If you go to the grocery or warehouse store and get $10 worth of anything you have only solved ONE immediate problem. You don’t have a roll of toilet paper or a light bulb or dish soap but you sure are saving on your laundry soap bill.

The folks who BLOG about saving money are for the most part NOT the people who need to make that kind of decision..their clothes areclean and they have toilet paper. I am not at the bottom yet but i see it rushing up to meet me like Fifth Avenue pavement after being pushed off the Empire State Building. I have a few things stockpiled, but that won’t last and then as the money trickles in..i hope…i won’t be able to stock pile again…Sure you can save a lot buying 15 rolls of Bounty paper towels for $15 but i can’t eat paper towels. I’d rather buy $4 worth of meat, $3 worth of cheese, and so forth..and 1 roll of paper towels for $2….I still need to wipe up animal vomit with something not going into the laundry…because one day I spend $19 for 60 dishtowels..that’s where the Tide comes in.

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