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Residents object to library books in Spanish

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Some people who live in Lewisburg are upset that the local library has bought some children’s books which tell stories in Spanish.

At a meeting of the Marshall County Memorial Library board, an eighth grade social studies teacher said if one penny has been spent on Spanish language books, it’s too much. Teacher Robin Minor said Tuesday he thinks a lot of county commissioners will be interested to learn of the expense. A few others also spoke against providing books not printed in English.

Asked how much of the library’s 13-thousand-dollar public appropriation went to buy the books, a library official said the total was about 130 dollars. The board also told objectors the shelves held books in Japanese, Russian, Polish and French. Protesters responded that those books shouldn’t be there either.

When the board told the protesters it planned no changes in library policies, those upset over the language issue said they would take it up with the county.

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