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grumpy plug • I dunno if we are moving up in the world or what, but our little blog was featured in a post at the much more popular Grumpy Old Bookman blog. I’d like to welcome anyone who floats over here and thinks they got lost along the way. Here at the Bullpen we try to post stuff that folks in the USED bookselling realm might find informative, useful or funny. . . or sometimes just whatever takes my fancy or fills the space. and as you can see i am partial to elipses and dots • …. • it’s my primal screech. BTW Please think about trying the 2 week free subscription to the bibliophile mailing list.

worth reading • When I am not here avoiding actual work work, I hang out on the dvdverdict review board where we discuss movies and dvds. I was pleasantly surprised to find the review of Full House the Complete Season three to be more readable than half the books I have started this year.

hope for the future • SC First-Grade Class Reads 10,500 Books!

the opposite of chicklit? •
according to this piece in the NYT it’s “fratire” including Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and Frank Kelly Rich’s the Modern Drunkard. (which I believe are both from blogs, am i the only one sensing a pattern?) here’s the Modern Drunkard Magazine site, in case you care . . . I didn’t until I did . . . when did drunkeness become fashionable again? is it a knee jerk reaction to creeping faux-piety of the christian right? if it is then sign me up.

shaping up •
UK Bookseller Blackwells seems to think they have a handle on which 50 books shaped the world we have today.

cookies • Erica James has won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award with Gardens of Delight.

banktoaster • Rube Goldberg is NOT dead who knew? . . . .marvelous videos of so,e neo-goldberg machines . . . .they are freaking mezmerizing to watch…and YES there are books in those gizmos. Did you know there was an Official Rube Goldberg site? neither did I. Nor did I know there was an annual contest. Okay here’s one more: the most $$$ and elaborate rube goldberg device ever devised.

obit worth reading • Richard Eckersley at 65, an award-winning graphic designer who introduced unconventional typography to staid-looking university-press books: from the NYT, from the Lincoln Star.

event • CAN The Vancouver Island Children’s Book Festival celebrate’s it’s 20th anniversary.

birthday girl 1816 • Charlotte Bronte was born. The third daughter of the Rev. Patrick Brontë and his wife Maria. Her brother Patrick Branwell was born in 1817, and her sisters Emily and Anne in 1818 and 1820.

in from Mike Goodenough @ the Bookguide:
suiting up • the Bookseller of Kabul is suing Danish publisher Cappelen, I’m shocked! the Danes have always been such a quiet unassuming people . . . yes we are kinda smug over here, it is kinda nice to see flags burning that aren’t the stars and stripes.

event • Italy’s cradle of modern printing, Subiaco will be celebrating its history at a two-day conference this weekend .

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