if it's thursday this must be

Did i miss another day ? damn that’s happening quite a lot these days, the night and days are running together and I am having trouble remember which DAY it actually is.  and no, i still don’t have a ‘straight’ job though not for lack of looking and I still don’t have hot water and I still don’t have the 1600 dollars the Vermont Dealer owes me for services rendered.

Yesterday the leather dressing showed up and I had to drop everything and bottle it. This morning I made the HOW TO video, demonstrating its proper application.

A LOT of dealers don’t use leather dressing for several reasons, 1. they handle very few leather books, 2. they don’t work on the leather books they have, or 3. they are worried about damaging the book further. Fair enough.

This 1 minute video shows a quick way to WRAP the text block to keep it safe while you do various and sundry things to the outside of the book.

For those who can’t play the video, you are basically wrapping a 3 sided present.

1. take a piece of thick paper 2½ x 3 times taller than the book.slide the paper into the rear gutter, between the rear cover and the text block
2. open the front cover
3. fold the top and bottom of the paper over text block, and tape them down.
4. fold down the paper surrounding the fore-edge, JUST like the corner of a package. secure that.

now you have a tight safe surface surrounding the fore-edges and free endpapers.

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