if it's thursday

damn damn still here. or actually still there. I keep hoping to get shit-canned but alas the government still wants my service. I had a second silly woman go all woolly on me this time in a Buddhist temple parking lot. You know me I like a good fight but usually on paper, in real life I find this kind of behavior uncivilized, hand holding people is not on my agenda.

I think I am officially a grown up and it sucks. I just wonder why people don’t just grow up? Good god why do people still worry about penny ante shit? life’s too fucking short. Tantrums in public places should end with the terrible twos in your forties it’s unattractive. And I am the last person to try that on, I tend to laugh and walk away, funny this makes people madder. go figure.

Now I am hoping to get canned by dinner time…..shall we start a pool?

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