if it's tuesday it must be trash day

So what’d you all do on Monday? After doing absolutely nothing on Sunday, the universe force me into a makeup day. I manage to ship nearly all the orders hanging around my desk, including placing some product reorders with the profits. (utilities be damned right?) Now that the truck has a full head of steam, I’m missing my excuse to back out of doing other people’s errands. Aside from driving from point A to point B for reasons not my own, I did manage to pick up this from a friend who scooped it off her street on trash day. To me that’s like finding money on the ground, cause it just so happens I have all the parts to fix it.

worth reading • According to the Belfast Telegraph, Frank McCourt, is on his deathbed.

stupid human tricks • California high school principal confiscates 300 copies of student publication due to Old English font. To be fair the publication was about tattoos, so maybe he just had thing about ink or maybe he’s just a dick.

stupid government tricks • from Boing Boing, Britain’s loony rules for artist visas embarrass festival organizers. Apparently the Brits think that the poets of the world are going to come to the UK and steal all the British poets well paying jobs.

and stupid corporate tricks • from the Consumerist, Academic Publisher Pays Professors For Shill Amazon Reviews. Nothing we didn’t know already. Academic publishers have been bribing professors for many decades now, this is just another form. Maybe if we paid the profs better…or teachers better…..or wait…hey! how come they aren’t offering it to us? I’d go down for a bribe…sign me up..you hear me HBJ?

worth reading • Laura from bookn3rd blog has a post up about finding 13th-14th century bone dip pen in an old shop. This is one of those stories you hear about and makes you wonder why you never go into THOSE kinds of shops. Me so envious.

better late then never • “The surviving workers from the Bletchley Park cryptography unit are to be honoured by the British Government, nearly 70 years after the unit was formed.”

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