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“The greatest scholars are not usually the wisest people.” – Geoffrey Chaucer

pen prez • Ron Chernow will succeed the novelist Salman Rushdie as the president of Pen American Center.

check it out • Even though he’s been dead for 600 years author, poet, philosopher, bureaucrat and diplomat Geoffrey Chaucer has a blog wherein he answers readers questions. Why didn’t I think of that?

and not to be outdone here’s a Shakespeare‘s Sonnet: “shall i compare thee to a summer’s day” translated into a programming language. ever get the feeling some people just have too much time ontheir hands?

from the Guardian, J G Ballard muses on modernist architecture and death.
from the NYT, Edward Rothstein muses on the health of the conversation.

giggle • from Blogcritics site, Joan Hunt thinks if “Pimps Think They Have it Hard – They Should Try Editing”

NPR • Edward Cotham, editor of The Southern Journey of a Civil War Marine: The Illustrated Note-Book of Henry O. Gusley, the diary of a Union Marine who was captured by Confederate soldiers on Sept. 8, 1863, guests on Morning edition.

covering covers • Magritte’s Impact on Book Cover Design from the WBUR’s arts blog.

who’s hot •
Kite Runner‘s Khaled Hosseini talks to audience in Gainesville

event • KitchenAid® The Book And The Cook® Food Network event – Philadelphia March 17-26

wurrah • Scottish Profs are worried that Edinburgh publisher Canongate’s revamp of their Classics series will leave important works of Scottish literature out of print. Oh please, is anything REALLY ever OOP anymore?

dystopia watch • the , including deleted e-mail messages. This is unrelated to the Department of Justice’s subpoena

obit bit • all the info I have so far – founder and owner of the Montreal bookstore Argo Books, John Lamont George,(82) died last Wednesday. An integral part of the downtown intellectual community for 40 years, George left the store to longtime employees Jim McPhail and his assistant.

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