If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?

One thing I know for certain….THE object in question is NOT made of meat, nor even a meat like substance. It is gray in color with all the taste and texture of Medium Density Fibreboard. This handy dandy little doorstop was served to a 94 year old friend of mine, conveniently disguised between 2 ends of what can only euphemistically be called a hamburger bun. Now I am not making a blanket statement about the residential facility’s level of care and concern. They are good people doing a dirty job. Whom I fault is manufacturer of said item. What the hell is going on with American cuisine where frozen fish planks, prefried tater lumps and gray cow patties are considered ‘good eats’? The other day two grocery clerks were complaining about the cost of food going up…but THEY of all people should have noticed the rampant growth in the catagory of semi-prepared foods. For Fucks’ sake MORE THAN HALF the deli case is premixed salads and heat and serve foods. It’s the price we pay to squeezing time out of our day. WE need to work longer hours to feed our kids, so we spend more money on ready made foods to save time, so we don’t have to learn how to cook and save ourselves money. Wait a minute that wording didn’t make any sense…and neither did the concept. I am finding the older I get the less tolerant my digestive system is of ready made foods. While I was ill I made several grocery runs and came back with the damndest stuff the Tater Tots©, Gorton’s Frozen Fish© were part of it….neither of which lasted long, either in my colon or in the freezer. I know there are starving kids in Africa – News freaking Flash – there are ALWAYS starving kids in Africa…there were Starving kids in Africa when i was NINE and refused to eat Chef Boyardee© Spaghetti in a box (my mother never learned to cook) – I refused to eat shitty food just because I bought it. I can’t send it to them, there are laws against exporting hazardous materials. So out it went. The patty pictured is nailed to a wall right now. What the hell are we doing to our future generations feeding them this crap?
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