If winning isn't everything, why keep score?

No harm’s done to history by making it something someone would want to read” – David McCullough.

Whitbread awarded to Hilary Spurling for Matisse the Master : A Life of Henri Matisse: The Conquest of Colour: 1909-1954. £30,000 that’s a nice chunk of change. And while we are at it:

2006 Caldecott, Newbery, King Winners and the winner of 2006 Kingsolver’s ‘Bellwether Prize

BTW Turkey apparently decided it wanted to be part of the EU more than it wanted to lop the head of some poor novelist ( Orhan Pamuk) for exercising the freedom of speech he didn’t have.

Things you find when looking for other things:
University College London found a nifty little volume in their stacks: “The Pleasures of Memory” (1910) by Samuel Rogers inscribed to Byron, and containing some Byron scribbles. COOL.

On the other hand- new PEW studies have found that college graduates are leaving the halls of learning with little more than damaged livers and eardrums.


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