if wishes were horses . . .

pb & o • from the NYT – Edward Wyatt catches the rest of America up on the surge of paperback orginals and perhaps the demise of hardcover literary fiction. was this really a surprise?

waterlogged • N.O. Bookstores do gangbuster business replacing cookbooks lost to Katrina. Meanwhile the Washington Post offers a few tips on creating a family cookbook, in case of future catastrophes..do you think they know something we don’t?

here’s kitty • from the Bermuda Gazette we get a review of The Well-Lettered Cat written by California couple; Porter Evans and designer husband Edward Ferro and combines the couple’s seemingly uncombinable interests – typography and cats. The part I found interesting was that the book isn’t listed anywhere except their own website ISBN 0976883708 hey, i thought it sounded cute.

ever ready • Oswego’s Winter Club: books, tea and the ladies since 1884 and still going strong.

books, they aren’t just for kids • They are choosing up sides in Canada over a kids book called Three Wishes by Deborah Ellis.

uk auction • A collection of rare natural history books will go under the hammer for the benefit of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust on March 23.

odd socks • we have another entry in our overdue library book Olympics, a fella in the UK kept Exploring Bridges by Geoffrey Williamson out for 43 years. I’d wish I’d known there was a contest. 🙁

theocracy watch • A bill that allows public high schools to offer classes on the Bible sped through the Georgia House Monday, passing overwhelmingly with no debate. I’m ready to wake up anytime now.

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