So i was stuck in the house today…most of the day…and basically my own fault…the weather the last two days has been off the chart beautiful…but i’m ignoring depression at the door..i am forcing myself to ‘WORK’ because i need to generate money..but i work through the good weather and then get more depressed..it doesn’t make any sense to me either..i’d be happier if i went out and rode my bike for longer than an hour or rowed the river for the morning and THEN came back in and worked..i will try to do that tomorrow..what it rain…

Regardless i did sneak out for an hour on the bike..but it was after 12 so it was too freaking hot to stay out or go far. I didn’t get to as many tasks as i had on my list..still need to rework the rail trail website and the sicpress site..i can’t believe i churned out so much for so many weeks..then i hit one particular book and came to screeching halt. I did manage to finish that large spreadsheet conversion this morning..and found a fat cache of local history material on a state database… now i really need to put some effort into sicpress and revive MethuenCommon with a Mediawiki spine so i can start using all this new found material.

One of the time wasters I did this weekend was to clean the inside of my laptop…i like to keep it stripped inside so that if it dies i lose nothing vital. I use the 2TB EXT HD on the PC as a server via the laptop..it’s basically just a terminal in the house…it’s being held together with gorilla tape so I’m babying it for now.

To top it off I decided to nuke my desktop and change all my icons…it’s not difficult it’s kinda nonsense thing that changes the landscape.

I pulled some icons from Icon Archive one of the things I like to add to Windows is a ICON folder under C:\WINDOWS\icons So when i select a folder and right click i only have to go up one folder to find my new cache of goodies. (i’m putting together a bunch of cat icons for the animal rescue vet)

Then I replaced all the ones i wanted to leave on the desktop…went over the Control Panel->Display and changed the background color and the icons for My Computer, Recycle Bin and Network places. Using Chrome I went to my most visited pages…and saved those pages as application shortcuts on my desktop..looks under Options->Tools

So basically if i don’t look at the OUTSIDE of my Laptop..its like using a new computer…well almost.

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