I'm not fat, it's all this fur it makes me look poofy.

Still sick but confused. Fucking headache, dizzy and exhausted like a hangover but without the fun part. Making guest shots at work, clearing my desk and then crawling back into my car… I don’t think driving is advised but then that makes me even with the rest of the fuckheads on 93. Maybe I’m dying. Doncha know I love being one of the 15% uninsured….DUBYA YOU FUCKING PINHEADED ASSHOLE! Thank you VERY much for fucking up the economy.

On the very naughty side, I got a large DVD fix at Bull Moose:
Stormy Weather
Green Pastures
King Vidor’s Hallelujah
Cabin in the Sky
Due South: Season 1
Due South: Season 2
Transporter 2
I haven’t watched much while sick, I guess it’s the migraines..but I figured I better buy the new releases while they are on sale and I have the money.

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