I'm still big, it's the pictures that got small.

When’s the last time you went TO the movies? yeah I had to think on that one too…..mostly cause MOST movies suck, mostly cause I hate audiences. They bring babies, they talk on the cell phone, they act like they are in their living room…basically people suck. Usually I have to triage films, King Kong? definitely big screen, Brokeback Mt? I will wait for the dvd, Good Night & Good Luck? big screen, Munich? Small screen. Even when I watch them on DVD, i am never as lured by the ‘new releases’ as I am by old movies that are ‘ new releases’ that i haven’t seen. But I have on occasion been drawn to the big screen to watch classic films: if they would show them more often or..well if I didn’t have to drive 40 minutes to get to one of them, I sure would do it more often. Here in the dead zone of Northern Massachusetts, you really don’t have many choices – all of which are hell and gone from me.

Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord N.H. once a month classic films
Brattle Theater Cambridge, MA great festivals, limited Parking
Coolidge Corner Theater Brookline, MA Good parking, mostly independent stuff, classics in the summer.

I have been seriously looking at those dvd projectors,…not if I only had a wall without a bookcase on it.

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