i'm with the ban

(i started this 3 days ago and it keeps petering out before it gets to a conclusion…maybe i will come up with one later)

I forgot to remember that it was banned books week….which doesn’t mean a whole lot. Devised by the ALA to spotlight books that have in one way or another offended someone to the point where they wanted to deny other people the right to read it. Seems to me if the book is good then it’s probably offensive to SOMEBODY somewhere, so basically all books should qualify. By that rule of thumb, the novel Jewel of Medina should be a damn good book. You remember this is the book that Random House was too chickenshit to publish. The UK publisher Gibson Square was firebombed this Oweekend for having the guts to bring it to light.

The last 8 years have left me a lot more paranoid and disgusted than I have ever been before, and that’s saying something. I came out of a generation that didn’t trust anyone over 30 and where ‘I’m from the government and I am here to help you’ ranks right up there with ‘The check is in the mail’. I abhor the present regime’s penchant for pre-editing for content anything that might upset the general populace and cause the fat contented masses to see what is truly going on around them. Censoring images of caskets and casualties, has prolonged a war that should have petered out by year two. And ask your neighborhood polar bear, if curtailing any mention of global warming in government funded research did anything to stave off the creeping temperatures. When the bottom of the ticket has a mind towards banning books and firing those who don’t embrace the idea, I tend to start looking around for the brownshirts. The Dept of home invasion, is proceeding with the first phase of a satellite-surveillance program even though has yet to be declared legal.

I remember where i wanted to go…you may not like it. But I like it when folks ban books. No really I do. When a book gets banned, it makes the news, it makes lists. One hears about it. it outrages the righteous. Many smaller titles with something to say may easily fall by the wayside unless they get spotlighted. And if it takes some tiny minded mayor of east bumfuck to pull it out of the pack of crap that gets published every year, I’m happy. I found me something work reading. When I hear about a banned book, i like to send a copy to my local library. It tickles me.

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