One of the ‘chores’, ‘goals’, things i have been meaning to do for a very long time, is find someplace I get professional prints of my photos…without having to go into hock. But it has never made it very far up the TODO list, as I don’t need Hi Quality images to sell, if I don’t have a real world venue to sell them through, but you can’t display anything unless you have hi quality images MOUNTED..SO you gotta spend money to make money. Hell, i’m just trying to make enough to pay for the damn photos…and a new freaking Laptop.

I really have to deal with the deceased Laptop issue. In the cold weather I work in the bedroom wrapped up to my chin with my hands warmed by the heat of the laptop. Without the Laptop I gotta sit in the BIG room (30x15x9) wearing all my outdoor clothes and Bob Crachit gloves. This is so uncivilized, I look up and see the Thermostat taunting me at 65 degrees, knowing that each degree I inch it up is more money i have to pay the fucking gas company – now THAT’s uncivilized.

My plan is to print and mount a few 11x14s in the next couple of days and send them off to a gallery show in January. and Use anything I make from that to fund some enough larger mounted prints to get a hanging somewhere around town. The majority of my good photos are local, so selling to locals is really my only option. I still need another dozen photos to do a book, that i can list online and sell to expats. So, at least I have a plan.

The 1st thing I ordered today are holiday cards (pictured.) I already had this picture stolen from me twice, so I better start using it myself before it gets away from me for good.

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