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I KNOW I had all of tolkien’s work in paperback…i KNOW I did..cause i read em. But they aren’t on my bookcase. I must have culled them in a fit of cleaning. I probably WON’T reread them again cover to cover again, not in paperback. But seeing the HOBBIT the other day reminded me WHY I keep some of the books I Like even if I won’t be reading them again.

So stupid me who really shouldn’t be wasting money started cruising online for cheap replacement copies. I had my heart set on THIS particular series edition, the one I actually read. The Ballantines with the art from the 60s and 70s. Alas it is REALLY hard to find exact editions online…most people when listing cheap copies don’t indicate cover art nor all the information from the verso. Why bother for a book under $5 and listed by ISBN, there are very few idiots like me who are insisting on a certain LOOK for their BOOK. But if I am going to replace MY COPY and look at it everyday, I want it to make me smile.

I did find a SET of Lord of the Rings very very cheap, even with shipping they were under $7 for all 3. It only the 1965 date listed but when it arrived it was a mixed bag of covers. But continuing to search by keyword combinations I THINK I found all three with the cover art I want. They should arrive soon

Yes I hang my head in shame that THIS kind of thing taunts me and that it becomes an overwhelming desire to accomplish the task. I wasted about $20 on the orders…which some weeks is a lot of money. My rationalization is that I don’t BUY as many books as I used to, and I have been culling so much over the years that the books I KEEP should be ones that DO make me smile when I look at them.

A lot of the books I KEEP are particular editions. Their physicality is just as important to me as their contents. In some cases I have been know to eschew a hardcover edition for a paperback one. Especially if the paperback edition, takes up less room or in most cases took me a while to find.

I certainly won’t trade a paper copy for a digital one. In fact if I read something digitally that I Like, I would replace it with a paper copy for the shelf. Or at least I intend to If i read something digitally that I like. So far, it’s just stuff.

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