in debt again

Okay you know how I said Mike Schmidt sent me some of his podcast files gratis?  Well he sent ALL four years, that’s like 200 shows. YEAH, I KNOW… that’s fucking awesome.   But seriously — he charges $75 for all that. So now I feel like i owe him……amongst all the people I owe stuff to, I just don’t need another person on my list.  I instantly came up with the great idea that i can pay him back by helping them do what i KNOW how to do…i think Mike needs to write a book – or rather produce a book, with some transcriptions of his anecdotes shoe horned into a book along with the fabulous illustrations from his website.

Since i have spent so much time in his head now, i realize this is NOT a chore he can expedite IF he likes it.  So i can offer my help…not being COMPLETELY stupid, i am not offering to produce his book for him..that’s way more than $75 worth of work. But I can sure as hell tell him my method for publishing on the cheap.  The print on demand method is perfect for his needs, he can flog the book online and drop ship them to the customer, no muss no fuss.  That’s my brilliant idea..that’s what’s in MY i wrote him an email basically BLURTING out my idea in a short stream of c consciousnesses email.  Which if he is smart, he will say…well this woman’s crazy… but what the hell.  Like nearly all my ideas, i hope he says ‘tell me more’

For my next trick, i will make it easier..i will WRITE a post which details the most BASIC instructions on how this is actually done. It will actually work out well for me, since that’s a chapter i need to write for the book i’m supposed to be working on anyway.

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