In Defense of the Dollar Store

Regardless of what contrived articles you are reading in the media. Straightup comparisons between Dollar Stores and any other type of shop does not hold any weight. Dollar stores aren’t SUPPOSED to be a one stop shopping source. They aren’t SUPPOSED to supplant traditional grocery stores or department stores. They are there to offer items that can be vended for the price of ONE US DOLLAR (or less sometimes) that’s it. It doesn’t have to be the BEST value, or the BEST quality; it it only needs to be available at the price of a dollar.

Initially they vended mostly items of lesser quality: generic lables, off brands, closeouts, almost aways produced in the third world. As they grew in popularity, nearly everything became constant, they started to resemble actual scaled down department stores, they may only have ONE of that item, and it may not be a great quality, but they DO have that item for a dollar.

Content writers LOVE to compare Dollar store groceries to those vended in NON bargain stores; this is a spurious equation. In our economy the more of something you buy the lower the unit pricing, THUS we have BJs and Sams Club for those who want to buy and store 60 rolls of toilet paper, 24 boxes of spaghetti and 6 jars of pickles against the coming apocalypse. At the other end of the math, you have basically SINGLE SERVINGS which have the WORST unit pricing. Check out the unit pricing of those 100 CALORIE packages of cookies designed for people who need adult supervision. The Dollar Stores are essentially SINGLE SERVINGS, or the smallest vendable amount.


GROCERY STORE MATH You have 10 dollars to spend until your next PAYCHECK, (which trust me is HOW the world lives.) You can go ANYWHERE and solve at the most 3 maybe 4 problems, sometimes only ONE if you need laundry detergent. So you need to decide WHICH 3 problems are the most important. A generic gallon of milk is $3.60ish, a quart is $2.50 and a pint is $2. Box of house brand breakfast cereal $3, dozen house brand eggs $3, scratch ticket $1. TEN DOLLARS

Dollar store math(in my case Dollar Tree) : 1 quart of shelf stable milk $1, 1 dozen small eggs $1 (used to be six eggs for a dollar), box of offbrand pasta $1, 15oz of offbrand spaghetti sauce $1, American style white bread $1, 8oz peanut butter made with corn syrup $1 , 7 oz of Welches grape jelly $1 (because of their power with the makers they now have NAME brands in dollar sizes!) , a ‘gallon’ of a low grade laundry bleach $1, 10oz container of an Oxyclean style laundry detergent $1, 4 rolls of cheapo toilet paper $1. TEN DOLLARS.

MOST of us never have ENOUGH fungible capital to do ALL our shopping in traditional grocery stores. If we did, we would all be buying in bulk and getting the best prices. We would never have to buy food padded out with cornsyrup or soybean oil. And sad as this economy is, SOME of us can ONLY afford to shop at Dollar stores all the time.

With the economy tanking more every day and it looks like we will be getting hit in the face with another Great Depression, a lot of content writers are starting to bang the drum about how WICKEDLY wasteful it is to shop at the Dollar stores when you can get more value for your dollar at a REAL grocery store, as if it were a CHOICE. Don’t be deceived into thinking those articles DON’T HAVE A CLICK BAIT AGENDA.

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