in focus

GBH  in flight mama needs a new camera 8(   I know I know i just GOT a new camera. Which is all well and good for animals that sit up and say hello. But for sneaking around trying to take pictures of the very shy regardless of size, the autofocus is a bitch. I have half a mind to rebuy another telephoto for my film camera. My Canon AE-1 never let me down. However the digital refused to SEE the green heron even when he wasn’t moving.   To be fair the damn bird is the same color as the surrounding greenery and it couldn’t actually FOCUS. But if i had the control i’d have shot the damn bird up down and sideways.


I have been desiring a decent DSLR since they were invented, but have always convinced myself that I can’t afford a $$$ camera not to mention  $$$ for each lens. But at this point I am going to have to do something about the problem.  My rationalization was that I can BUY an expensive camera as long as the photography pays for it.  So i need to go through my pics and find something profitable.

I guess until I do that I won’t be doing a study of out of focus birds.

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