In for a penny, in for a pound

It’s a good thing I Really love my truck. After spending 2 hours at the Registry on what? Wednesday? and finding the paperwork was no good, I spend 3.75 hours at the dealership, and then didn’t get my truck back until last night…i am still not sure what part of rocket science was involved, but apparently adding a bed cap and liner and changing out a faulty tire pressure sensor involves a team of heart transplant surgeons to be flown in from the Mayo clinic. But after jerking me this way and that over and over, the Manager i was finally dealing with felt really bad about it…they put about $25 in gas in the truck and gave me $30 out of petty cash. You know..i really don’t want the cash…i just like complaining about the injustice too much. And alas I still have to revisit the RMV Monday again…oh joy. But I really do like my truck – just not the gas mileage.

I tried to make the trip back from the dealership worth doing and picked up more containers at Walmart… yes i know..we hate them.. < hangs head in shame > but some products are ONLY made for the big corporate evil one…like these from Sterlite..unlike most of their other products, this line of containers has very straight sides. The handles on top are useless if you have more than a few ounces of yarn in the box..perhaps that’s what they are aimed at...but the lids snap on and the bottom corners..which is the important part…are not thin and rounded, they are thicker and squared off…so IF you lightly banged it on the corner, the entire plastic container didn’t crack and become useless. Which is one of the major drawbacks to non industrial grade storage containers… but mostly i like the straight sides, the price is on the low side, but since i need a shit load, it’s just a way to reinvest the $300 i got from selling my beautiful steel shelving.

2014-06-19 09.57.04The shelf is an IKEA Gorm from Freecycle which is a good and a bad thing…the good thing is that i like it, it’s lightweight and it works perfectly for the product storage and isn’t a ridiculous addition to my apartment…the bad thing is….its lightweight and works perfectly for the product storage and isn’t a ridiculous addition to my apartment…i have a penciled in play date with a friend tomorrow to drive the thirsty beast down to the IKEA in Stoughton (53 miles) where i hope to get another couple of these shelves ($29 each) – they were on my wish list for the new house anyway. At least they have good meatballs.

Between the storage and the containers the products, and the packaging, the money is flowing OUT of the bank more than its coming in…and it will be that way until September. The new website is shaping up nicely. But the sales never perk back up until September, so i just have to suck it up. In the meantime I did manage to sell a couple of the National Lampoons I listed and so far one of the Rolling Stones. I started looking at more magazine back issue lots I can pick up and flip. I know this is very low hanging fruit..even if my personal barrel bottom is $5 – there isn’t any profit at all if i count my time and trouble. But I LIKE having orders to process, and my time right now is pretty worthless. I have a couple of new books to edit, but processing orders in the morning and putting them out for collection, keeps one side of my brain happy thinking we are actually DOING something productive. I picked up some older Asimov Mags from a friend, including shipping is about $1 each and I have my nose into Craiglist where there are a couple of collections of woodworking magazines being flogged. Yeah..since the living room is already boxes of crap, what does it matter if there are more boxes? The clear plastic bins already work well for the others, after I catalog them, I seal up the boxes and push them onto the porch..and when i move they don’t have to be unpacked…ever.

I can hear you saying…why not  buy books? cause i have been in this area 52 years…there are no books to buy that have any resale value..not in the real world anyway.  My best shot is to troll the internet for books i think i can resell. But that’s a higher investment, you have to take higher risks and usually pick a specialty. Trust me if there were books worth buying here, i’d be out yardsailing on a Saturday instead of cross cataloging erasers. (another reason to move)

So the backissues aren’t a high profit investment, but then again nothing i do is.  It’s just MORE. and More is part of my overall plan. The more venues I have working for me, the more money I will have coming in. A little here and a little there, and if one thing dies down, like the repair items in summer, hopefully something else will take its place.  Yesterday I loaded all the new products on to ebay and today I will hit up etsy and bonanza.  I don’t make a large markup on anything I sell, so having to pay a tithe everytime I sell something is a bad marketing strategy. The subversive side is that hopefully I can attract them to the website to buy MORE than the one thing.  At least that’s the game plan right now.

I am seriously behind in the photography and videos… I need to actually stop talking about switching the rooms around and do it.  The new shelves from Ikea should help me make that happen. Once i break down the office, the supplies will have someplace to live and i can set up a permanent work table…the bedroom has a folding door i can lock and is bigger, so it will all be good.   At least that’s the plan.  I really have to stop venting about the space problem and deal with it.  Hence more shelves, more boxes.

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