in for a penny

I started this blog about 4 times but I haven’t been sitting in front of the PC long enough to finish. I put my last few shekels down on a half booth at the New England Antiquarian Book & Ephemera Fair in Concord NH June 3rd – there now I blogged it, I can’t chicken out right? I won’t have time to blog on the spot, as I intend to layout all my wares and do “books cleaned while you wait.” Who knows I could sell a few items – I am laying in an extra supply of the light weight stuff that kinda sucks to have to pay the USPS’s new usury rate shipping charges. Why don’t that just put a freaking pirate eye patch on the eagle? I also drove all over hell and creation to get some merchandise bags and the last few fiddly bits I had intended for stock items.

After June 3rds show I am gonna try to scoot up to the Portland Maine Show on June 10th and to see Don Lindgren’s new store Rabelais. And, no I haven’t had my head gasket fixed, right now I am practicing faith based driving.

Since we are back into book fair season – here’s last year’s rules of thumb post with an itemized list for book fairs. If anyone has ideas for additional items, email me and i will append it.

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