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barrel Like I said I can’t be trusted with money, i can’t even be trusted with the idea of potential money. I blew up Saturday with the Census, and it was gorgeous outside…all day, all i wanted to do was put my boat in the water. So by Sunday Morning I finally did. The river was low and the barrel was high…it’s been out there for a decade or so…there’s another one and some tires and a LOT of other trash from like 2005 floods…but the barrel and I had a date. This time I went out with a shovel and some pegboard sheets to stand on in the mud. I an hour it was mine…HA! and no one else in the city seems to give a shit. I don’t care..i got it done. i do love my boat. I bought it new oars..i need to figure out how to install the oarlocks. so basically I am blowing money on things like oars, and oarlocks and keyboards and monitors… i need a new chair. that’s unarguable.


yet I spent a couple of hours scouring the internet for a waterproof backpack…because i am sick to my ass of my gear sitting on the bottom of my boat and getting all wet and stinky. Yes i have DRY BAGS..which if you can imagine are like sausage casings, they are designed for serious dunkable and floatable wet like kayaking…..not messy wet like idiot people like me who bring trash OUT of the river and into the boat with me…who DOES THAT? insane people..people who don’t deserve nice things..and hear i am planning to find a dive shop to find a decent backpack, approximately 40-50 dollars, to keep the little bits of gear from getting all icky…and it wasn’t until i was cleaning my porch when i realized i already HAD a clear plastic waterproof backpack that i use for carrying my cat trapping gear. and It cost me all of $15 back in September. DUH. I’m such a idjit. And it’s not hard to find another. I washed this one in a hot shower to get the plastic to relax back into its original shape, and it will do just fine for my lunch, my straw hat, my binoculars, my camera, my first aid kit, my knife etc…. it should work just fine until it dies, and i can easily order another one, which i just did from Sears..which shockingly calculates shipping cost on weight! wow…shipping $3 love it….i still need one for the cat trapping gear…the plastic bags let you know immediately what you need to add to the bag…and it’s easily washable.

So basically here i was looking for a high end solution to a low tech problem. that is NOT me. I am usually the 1st to look for a LOW tech solution to my problems. I should have been looking to wrap my backpack in a 15 cent trash bag before i’d even shop for a $50 backpack. like I said I can’t be trusted with money.

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