in want of a rainy afternoon

Okay, so the last few days in New England haven’t been exactly rainy, it’s been rather sunny, hot in fact, damn hot to be precise – though not as hot as those parts of California where Mr Soleil has become rather a pain in the ass – so, naa na na na naa (ed. is there an index for spelling shit like that?) So, after ALL the rain we have had, I decided to save this post up for a day when I would welcome a little agua del cielo.

Bookstores were MADE for rainy afternoons. To spend one hacking away at a keyboard filled with Doritos crumbs and cat hair just isn’t much of a substitute for the scent of mold and book dust. Recently I have been bemoaning the fact that with the death of my friend Laurie Petch and the closing of Broadway Books in Derry, NH, there was no longer a ‘real’ bookshop within 25 miles, but at 25.7 miles, Greg Powers was kind enough to open up a used book shop that is just exactly ‘rainy afternoon’ sized.

The eponymously named Powers Rare Books in Manchester, NH, is like nearly everything along the Merrimack River, in an old brick mill building. (personally I think old mill buildings are the ideal structure for old bookstores, they have the floor/ceiling support to actually HOLD all the damn weight)
I had run across Greg at the Vermont BookFair, and ever since had been trying to find a few contiguous minutes to run up to Manchester to check out his store . . . and I did. And I even found stuff to I could afford to buy, color me shocked and surprised. Greg must be doing well, he can afford to staff his joint with a published children’s book author: Muriel Dubois. He has a decent balance of collectibles and readables, and even some stuff I hadn’t seen before. . . and some I was eerily familiar with.

Have you ever SEEN copies of books that you used to own in a strange shop ? I dont mean a book you SOLD to to someone, I mean clumps of books, and you can’t explain it. Occam’s Razor: I sold books to Broadway Books and Greg bought Broadway Books stock, so there, no mystery. But it was still eerie – cause I almost bought some of them back. Yep, done THAT before.

Must get back up there next rainy afternoon.

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