I went rowing every morning of the three day weekend and even took a spin down the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail on Saturday… alas as of Tuesday the temperature has been swaying deliriously between 90 and 100. When I do go out I am in a constant state of inelegance. Since I can get away with it…i have just been hiding in the dark.

I have plenty of work to keep me busy and if I sit equidistant from all the fans in the house…I can keep tolerably cool. One A/C is in a window and the other is on the floor but I am too chickenshit to use them. My disdain for utility companies has grown to include the electric company. I wish going out on the river was cooling…it’s not…no current, no breezes…beating sunlight is no better on calm waters – one needs a motor and a venue to open it up. Motors are for sissies.

I am making preliminary designs for the rail trail – personally i’d like it to look like it has always been there and was built around the same time as the rest of the city architecture. And considering we have a nano-budget, I may get my wish. I am spending the summer going from local pol to local pol and getting all my ducks in a row for when I actually need them.

I’d like to get the thing built in the next 18 months..for many reasons not the least of which is that once i become unhomed by my brother and his wife, I won’t be that enthusiastic to build a trail somewhere I can’t enjoy it. Is it wrong of me to want the economy to stay sucky? Yeah i know it is – so shoot me.


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