A man in the UK has been sued by an eBay seller for leaving negative feedback.

from the Daily Mail:Man who was sold the wrong phone on eBay is sued by seller after leaving ‘negative feedback’

After returning his purchase and receiving a refund from the seller, he used the online auction website’s feedback section ” ‘Item was scratched, chipped and not the model advertised” The seller now claims the comments have damaged his business and warns that if the buyer fails to retract his comments he will be dragged to court where he faces costs, lawyers’ fees and damages.

“I am being punished on eBay because of this as sellers who have negative feedback appear lower down the screen in searches than other people. I’m losing money by the day and my business could go under because of it. I’ve been left with no option but to take legal action.”

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Let me say this about that….What the FUCK? Why the surprise? We knew this would happen eventually. With all it’s noose tightening ebay must have wanted it to happen. By screwing with the system and frustrating people beyond rationality, they are driving the complaint and mediation system offline and into the real world, ebay will relieve itself of a headache temporarily…because the next stop is doubling back to suing ebay for posting the initial feedback. This is only the beginning folks, as litigation is our true national pastime…let the games begin.

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