injustice galore

big idiot alert • Kansas continues its de-evolutionary march to back into the ocean from whence we all came. The Kansas Obscenity bill will allow teachers to be charged with crimes depending up on the materials selected for classroom use. – Hmmmm…i am wondering if this will apply retroactively? Is there something in the water?

get this • from the Guardian – An American Pedophile in a Romanian prison writes a book on Dracula which earns him community service credit and he gets out of prison 2 years early. i have no joke for that – its kinda self explanatory.

hot button • Scientists Avoiding the Word “Evolution” in Scientific Papers I bet they’re avoiding the words ‘global warming’, but not surprisingly the word ‘FUNDING’

wwjd? • 10yr old Pennsylvania boy sues school for banning Jesus Halloween costume. Good for him – I hope he wins.

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