inner piece

you know that peace that overcomes you when you decided to stop banging your head against a wall? yeah..that’s grand…. as much as I love and need the money, god knows i have an over abiding affection for heat and hot water, i just can’t allow the government to screw me more than once a year and that’s only a fortnight after April fool’s day. The us census may be the best statistic gathering agency on the planet, but it is very much like watching sausage being made. levels of bureaucracy that exist as long as Brigadoon don’t get that shake down period when all the tentacles that don’t work atrophy and fall off, instead you get conflict orders from several people all of whom are higher up on the food chain. I’m used to dealing with fur people who have four legs and no facade, homey don’t play that penny ante human ego bullshit. underlings don’t want to show up to work and complain that i ‘fired’ them, fine, i’m down with that. you send me a list of backwards ass instructions and expect me to make soup? fine i can deal…but when i get 4 phone calls before my morning red bull each taking me to task for something not of my making, know that kinda takes the shine off the shekel for me. now i am happily filling out their little forms and stuffing things into envelopes just hoping and praying I get fired before lunchtime…can’t help it, it’s the passive aggressive in me…i get that from my mother.

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