International Firefighters' Day

just YOU try finding book news that isn’t about Opal Mehta or Swanson’s book of rewritten laws….

telling tales • In honor of Benjamin Franklin’s 300th birthday Free Library of Philadelphia invites you to submit your own memoir at the autobiography project. Selected pieces will be published in The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, and will be reprinted on bus and subway posters throughout Philadelphia. Franklin also invented the 1st Professional Fire Department.

1948 • Norman Mailer’s first novel, The Naked and the Dead, is published.

fakin’ it big time • The fake book from Lost (as in the TV series about fake people on a fake island stranded from a fake plane crash) Bad Twin by Gary Troup
will soon become a ‘real’ book, as the producers of Lost have presented Hyperion with a ‘real’ manuscript. Fake books with even faker authors will no doubt be climbing a best seller list near you. well at least they are honest about it being fake.

book/trade • if you are near Canyon Lake, CA Friday the 6th you can trade 3 Used kids books for a Pony Ride.

site worth seeing • a self-publishing site along the lines of

mitzvah • the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Galway is calling on Galwegians to donate any children’s books and old schoolbooks to help set up a school library in the Philippines.

naughty naughty • the Library from Bonham Texas has asked the police to start arresting people with overdue books, starting May 15th.

banktoaster • apparently if you can find it, you can use old fashioned freezer paper to make stencils. Here’s a tidbit at angrychicken (why can’t i think up cool blog names like that?) Which apparently they found on but i couldn’t get it to load – If we follow the trail back I bet it leads to Martha S. btw Freezer paper will go through a laser printer, which is a good thing to know. I rarely wear clothes with writing on it . . . but perhaps one day I might want to stencil a cardboard box- “Toxic waste” and see what the goobers at the USPS do with it.


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