International Tuba Day

Okay so you can tell I have been slacking off . . . after the long grey pseudo-winter afforded New England by global warming, we have had some spectacular weather, 70°F (21°C) bright and warm, sans shoes, sans coat, sans nearly everything. Ask anyone New England doesn’t HAVE this kind of weather very often….about a dozen or so days a year. So, I have thrown open the windows and left the blog readers to fend for themselves . . . so sue me. j-

uncivil suits • the Holy Blood Holy Grail boys are being hoist by their own litigious petard. Seems after all that fuss they made about the DaVinci Code folks not cutting them in for a piece of the action, they now have to shell out about $2 million USD to pay for the legal fees from their frivolous lawsuit. Not a wise move. they should have gotten a movie tie in cover for their book and surfed the wave. In 3 or 4 years, it will be Davinci Who?

blogs of note • the Grumpy Old Bookman is worth reading today (and quite often) , he gave us the heads up about the HBHG faux pas and has some observations about book packagers in the UK.

I’m a sucker for books reprinted in ‘series’ they always get my attention, perhaps I feel that someone has ‘chosen’ these few books, grouped them together and labeled them ‘special’. So I am drawn to take a second or third look at a book I may have overlooked.

FEMINIST PRESS of the University of New York, started reprinting a few old relatively obscure novels in a series Femmes Fatales: Women Write Pulp. With this series they have resurrected Dorothy B Hughes, noir tales Blackbirder and In a Lonely Place ; Vera Caspary’s Laura and Bedelia, Evelyn Piper’s Bunny Lake is Missing. As well as some tawdry romances like Faith Baldwin’s Skyscraper, Valerie Taylor’s raunchy the Girls in 3-B. Now I am not one to run right out and buy a new printing of an old book when I actually had a copies kicking around, but it does make me take a closer look at books I have owned and wouldn’t think about reading. Right now I am reading a beatup bookclub of Laura and comparing it to the DVD. I can recommend checking out the new introductions and the series introduction. Perhaps the series will renew some interest in old pulp novels written by women, even those that haven’t as yet been reprinted.

worth reading • With reading on the wane US publishing industry fears the death of the book. Grove/Atlantic founder Morgan Entrekin speculated that the industry would survive long enough to see him into retirement: “But I’m not sure I would encourage my 9-week-old-son to go into the business,” Entrekin said.

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