iphone, a friend

yes i love my iphone..well it’s not MY iphone it is one i got from one of my jobs….and when i say love i mean :it knows everything about me including some of my personal secrets, it goes with me everywhere and i cuddle up with it everynight.’ i NEVER got that from a guy, not even my exhusband. I make it a point to figure out all the things it can do, and i am amazed..if steve jobs was here right now i’d give him a wet sloppy kiss..but then it’d be like kissing a corpse and that’d be weird.

Last night i tried out a couple of new apps, i was reading a blog post which i can’t find at the moment and it mentioned sending actually SNAIL MAIL using Iphone apps, which i had to try immediately. I downloaded three of them, and one of them was an immediate BUST it kept crashing my phone but not after it stole 2 bucks from pocket. It was a free app, but they want you to PAY to use their designs to improve your pictures. I deleted it and left them a bad review and only then read all the other bad reviews.

I went with the two still standing, basically to send a card of any time costs about $1 to $3 which i am perfectly fine with. I dont’ do it that often anyway…but to use MY images and their labor? be still my heart. • Postagram takes your picture and inserts it INTO a larger post card with the end result you can punch it out and have a snap shot. So basically you are sending paper snap shots to people. love the idea – though i don’t like Instagram you don’t have to use Instagram, it will take images from your phone and other places too.
• Cards by Apple takes your picture and slaps it on the front of a folding card, it may do other things but that’s as far as i got.
Both apps, let you personalize messages and chooses the addresses from your CONTACTS list in your phone. So basically i had to add my own address to my contacts list to test them.

I ordered one from each i will post them when they get here. If they are as good as i think they will be i may be using these apps, to send a lot of THANK YOU CARDS.


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