okay so i mentioned my love affair with my roku box. And i added as a private channel which actually has the ability to let you add still more channels to that channel..but i was bumming because my Roku was an early model which has a basic remote lacking an asterisk button. go figure.
I followed my nose to the Roku forum where the dedicated fans hang out and found out about REMOKU which is an online app, that mimics a remote control on your web browser and you add your Roku’s IP address and can remote control your ‘tv’ in my case my roku on the tv from my computer…but i pushed it one better. I went to on my iphone’s safari browser and saved it as a shortcut to the iphone’s ‘desktop’ so now i have a button on my phone which opens an app, which is a remote control for my tv. < insert cackling mad scientist laugh here > sometimes i really love living to see the 21st century.

There are plenty of expensive attachments out there for the iphone which will turn your phone into a remote for your tv…but my tv is basically stuck on channel 91 where it displays the dvd player and the roku feeds. once in a while i need to adjust the sound volume – but seriously when this tv goes..i can use basically any monitor that will catch those feeds. yum.

As I sit here still indexing the same book i have been working on for a week…i loaded all my favorite podcast feeds as channels on Nowhere TV so i’m happily listening while i work. 8)


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