it is summer somewhere

I am bribing myself again… off and on i have a hankering for a tiki bar….but if i lie down the idea will go  away.  I just seems like a good time of year to bribe myself for motivation.  IF i manage to get rid of certain cabinets in my living room and some of the crap on my porch…i told myself i will build myself a tiki bar.    now IF i had money to burn…and a reason to build such a thing, i could just drop 400 dollars on the ready made one you can buy and have delivered.  But since I don’t… i am thinking of the one made of PVC on    I may have to design an even more stripped down version as i think may want to keep it on the porch and loan it out.  what’s a tiki bar that doesn’t get used right?

Like I said…it’s just a tiny idea in the back of my mind for a mud colored february in a winter that doesn’t end.  If i THINK about this too hard the idea crumbles under the weight.  do i want to spend more than a couple of hours building this?  do i want to spend more than say 50 bucks?  and how often am i going to use it?  when’s the last time someone came to my house anyway?  hence the reason to make it a club house.

I am just dying to hang one of those stuffed parrots that takes batteries and pour myself a boat drink.  Like I said…it’s a bribe. if i make it to the summer without driving straight into a cement wall … and keep all the utilities from being shut off…and get rid of half of the crap in my living room and porch..technically i have to get rid of HALF of what’s there and an additional amount equal to the volume of the tiki bar.  THEN i can think about actually building this…’s the adult version of a lemonade stand 5 cents!

In reality the urge to build something as elaborate as a tiki bar..which really belongs in a dorm room will wear off as the weather gets better.   and I may just satisfy the urge by buying a tikimug off ebay.



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